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  1. Who led the Bardoli Satyagarha?
    Vithalbhai Patel

  2. When did Gandhiji started his Salt March?
    12 March 1930

  3. When did Civil Disobedience movement started?
    6 April, 1930

  4. Who was the hero of Vaikom Satyagraha?
    K Kelappan

  5. Under whose leadership, Koya tribals fought the colonial govt to protect their forest rights during 1922-24?
    Ramachandra Raju

  6. What was popular name of Khudai Khidmatgars?
    Red shirts

  7. Gandhiji marched from Sabarmati to Dandi with how many followers?

  8. Which American journalist reported during the salt satyagraha?
    Webb Miller

  9. You planned a fine strategy around the issue of salt: Who said this to Gandhiji?
    Lord Irwin

  10. Who was the first president of AITUC?
    Lajpat Rai

  11. Who started Dina Bandhu?
    N.M Lokhande

  12. Who founded the Working Men’s Club?
    Sasipada Banerjee

  13. When was the first strike organized by Indian working class?

  14. When was first Factories Act enacted?

  15. When was Bombay Mill and Millhand’s Association set up?

  16. Which was the first newspaper dedicated to the cause of workers in India?
    Bharat Shramjeevi

  17. When was the no tax campaign launched in Bardoli?

  18. Which was the Mopla rebellion epicentre?

  19. Who led the Eka movement?
    Madan Pasi

  20. When was Oudh Rent Act legislated?

  21. Mangal Pandey was soldier in which army unit?

  22. Who was the de facto leader of revolt of 1857 at Lucknow?
    Maulavi Ahmadullah

  23. Who was the de jure head of the revolt of 1857 at Lucknow?
    Birzis Qadr

  24. Where were British forces defeated at Battle for Audh?

  25. Who led the revolt against British in Rohilakhand?
    Khan Bahadur

  26. When did British government announced special order of knighthood to Indian princes?

  27. The army stationed in which province remained loyal to British masters?

  28. When was Awadh annexed by British?

  29. When was Nagpur annexed by British?

  30. Which governor general annexed Awadh?
    Lord Dalhousie

  31. When was Indigo revolt happened?

  32. When did East India Company set up first Indigo plantation?

  33. Who wrote the play Nil Darpan?
    Dinabandhu Mitra

  34. Which newspaper gave an extensive coverage to indigo riots and written extensively on the plight of indigo cultivators?
    The Bengali

  35. When did British government set up an official inquiry to investigate the causes behind indigo riots?

  36. When was Pabna peasant revolt occurs?

  37. When did Pabna peasants form an agrarian league?

  38. Which newspaper criticized the formation of Pabna Agrarian League?
    Amrit Bazar Patrika

  39. When did Deccan riots occur?

  40. Which organization took up the cause of Deccan peasants?
    Poona Sarvajanik Sabha

  41. Which peasant revolt was painted by the colonial government as communal?

  42. When did the Deccan Agriculturists Relief Act was passed?

  43. Where did Kuka revolt occur?

  44. Who led the Kuka revolt?
    Baba Ram Singh

  45. Who held this view : Sati is a murder according to every Shastra?
    Ram Mohan Roy

  46. Who made this call: Only one god and one caste for mankind ?
    Narayan Guru

  47. Who organized Nav Bidhan?
    Kesab Chandra Sen

  48. Who campaigned for widow remarriage?

  49. Who set up Tattvabodini Sabha?
    Debendranath Tagore

  50. Lex Loci Act was legislated in which year?

  51. Who is revered as Grand Old Man of India?
    D.B Naoroji

  52. Who published the newspaper The Bengali?
    S.N Banerjee

  53. Who developed the theory of Drain of Wealth?
    Dadabhai Naoroji

  54. Who had equated expenditure on railway as decorating anothers wife?

  55. By the provisions of the Government of India Act how many Indians were nominated in the Governor-General’s Council?

  56. In which British India province a Legislative Council was first established?

  57. Who first made the demand of Swaraj ?

  58. When was the Police Act enacted?

  59. Who did Gandhiji considered his political guru?
    B.G Tilak

  60. Which nationalist leader became famous for his budget speeches in Bombay Legislative Council with and without the premises?
    G.K .Gokhale

  61. Who made this statement : Bengal united is power,Bengal divided ,will pull several different ways?
    Risley,Home Secretary

  62. In which year Lord Curzon reduced the number of elected members in the Calcutta Corporation?

  63. When was the Universities Act passed?

  64. Who put forward the Boycott suggestion in the backdrop of partition of Bengal?
    Aurobindo Ghosh

  65. Who described the Swadeshi and boycott movement as a method of passive resistance?
    B.C Pal

  66. Who described resistance to British as a refusal to render any voluntary or honorary service to the Government?
    Bipin Chandra Pal

  67. When was Bengal Tenancy Act was passed?

  68. When was Muslim League established?
    Oct 1906

  69. Muslim League was established under whose leadership?
    Nawab Salimullah

  70. In the first decade of the 20th century which district was at the epicentre of communal riots in the East Bengal?

  71. Where was the Annual Congress in 1907 held?

  72. Who gave the call for Arandhan during Swadeshi and boycott movement?
    Aswini Kumar Dutt

  73. Gandhi-Irwin pact was accepted by the Congress in 1931 at which place?

  74. In which annual session Congress made its memorable resolution on Fundamental Rights?

  75. Who replaced Irwin as viceroy of India?
    Lord Willingdon

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