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History Of Anglo Maratha Wars

War With Marathas

  • History guide for First Anglo Maratha war and Causes of First Anglo Maratha War. Information on First Anglo Maratha War from 1775 to 1782.
  • History guide for Second Anglo Maratha war and Causes of Second Anglo Maratha War. Information on Second Anglo Maratha War from 1803 To 1806. Second Maratha war was fought at the time of Lord Wellesley who wanted the Marathas to accept his Subsidiary Alliance system.
  • History guide for Third Anglo Maratha war and causes of Third Anglo Maratha war. Third Anglo Maratha War from 1817 to 1818. Third Anglo Maratha War led in organizing a united front of the Maratha Chiefs and was taken over by the Peshwa who was uneasy under the rigid control exercised by the British Resident.
  1. First Anglo Maratha War (1775-82)
  2. Second Anglo- Maratha War (1803-1806)
  3. Third Anglo-Maratha War (1817-1818)

Anglo Maratha Treaty

  • Brief history notes on Treaty of Surat 1775 in Anglo Maratha war treaties. Treaty of Surat was a treaty by which Raghunathrao in consideration of being himself restored to Poona.
  • Treaty of Purandhar 1803, Anglo Maratha wars, Indian war History.
  • Treaty of Salbai , Anglo Maratha wars, Indian war History 1782.
  • History notes on Treaty of Bassein 1802 in Anglo Maratha wars. Information on Importance of treaty of bassein. Treaty of Bassein was a pact signed on 31 December 1802 between the British East India Company and Baji Rao II, the Maratha peshwa of Pune in India after the Battle of Poona.
  • Treaty of Deogaon 1803, Anglo Maratha wars.
  • Treaty of Rajpurghat, Treaty of Poona.
  • Treaty of Gwalior 1817, treaty of Mandasor 1818.
  • Treaty of Surji Anjangaon 1803 in Anglo Maratha wars. Treaty of Surji Anjangaon was signed on December 30, 1803 between the British and Daulat Rao Sindhia.
  1. Treaty of Surat (1775)
  2. Treaty of Purandhar (1776)
  3. Treaty of Wadgaon (1779)
  4. Treaty of Salbai (1782)
  5. Treaty of Bassein (1802)
  6. Treaty of Deogaon (1803)
  7. Treaty of Surji Arjangaon (1803)
  8. Treaty of Rajpurghat(1805)
  9. Treaty of Poona (1817)
  10. Treaty of Gwalior (1817)
  11. Treaty of Mandasor (1818)

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