Medieval India

Medieval India Question and Answer

1. What was Jalauddin Khilji before he came to power in 1290?
Warden of marches in the north-west

2. Who ended the Turkish monopoly of high offices in the Delhi sultanate?
The Khiljis

3. Who was the first ruler of the Delhi Sultanate to put forward the view that the state should be based on the willing support of the governed?

4. Which ruler gave the idea that the state could not be a truly Islamic state?
Jalaluddin Khilji

5. How did Jalaluddin Khilji try to gain the goodwill of the nobility?
Tolerance and avoiding harsh punishment

6. Who was the Delhi Sultan to start the policy of giving harsh punishment even to the wives and children of rebels?
Alauddin Khilji

7. When did Timur invade India?
1398 AD

8. Why did Turkish sultans want to annex Malwa and Gujarat?
These were fertile and trade routes near the sea

9. When did Alauddin Khiji launch an attack on Gujarat?
1299 against Rai Karan

10. Where did Alauddin captain Malik Kafur?
Cambay during the Gujarat Expedition

11. What was the first state against which Alauddin launched an attack?

12. Who was the famous poet who accompanied Alauddin in the Ranthambhore campaign?
Amir Khusrau

13. The Padmini legend is associated with which place?

14. Malik Kafur led campaign against which two places in south India?
Warangal and Malabar

15. Which was the Deccan state against which Muhammad bin Taghlaq had to suffer reverses initially?

16. Alauddin Khilji brought reforms in market control after which campaign?
Chittor Campaign

17. How many markets did Alauddin establish?

18. Under which officer markets of Alauddin functioned?

19. Which medieval historian wrote about Alauddin’s market control?
Ziauddin Barni

20. What was the price of a first grade horse fixed by Alauddin?
100-120 tanks

21. Who brought fine quality cloth to Delhi from various parts of the country?
The Multani traders

22. Why did Alauddin realise the land revenue in cash?
To pay his soldiers in cash

23. Who was the first Delhi Sultan to introduce the payment of soldiers in cash?
Alauddin Khilji

24. What was a major objective of Alauddin’s market control according to Barauni?
To punish the traders

25. Who was the first Delhi sultan to insist that in the doab,land revenue would be assessed on the basis of measurement of land?
Alauddin Khilji

26. Who was the Delhi Sultan who conversed with Muslim mystics along with Hindu yogis?
Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

27. Which ruler opened offices on the basis of merit?
Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

28. Who was the famous sufi saint whom Muhammad Tughlaq threatened to punish?
Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya

29. Which was Muhammad Bin Tughlaq’s first expedition?
Khorasan expedition

30. In which metal was the token currency introduced during Muhammad bin Tughlaq’s time?

31. With whom did Muhammad tughlaq fight the battle of Jhelum?
Tarmashrin the Mongol leader

32. Where did peasant rebellion take place during Muhammad Bin Tughlaq’s reign?
Gangetic Doab

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