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Short Question and Answers 

  • In the fourth century BC the empire of Magadh was greatly expanded under which powerful dynasty?
    Ans: Nandas
  • Through which accounts we come to know that Nandas conquered all rival monarchs and became all powerful rulers of North India?
    Ans: Puranas
  • Hathigumpha inscription is associated with which monarch?
    Ans: Kharavela
  • Kharavela ruled over Kalinga in which century?
    Ans: IInd century BC
  • Where Emperor Chandragupta is said to have lived for many years as a Jain ascetic?
    Ans: Sravana Belgola
  • A period of 12 years of dire famine the whole of Jain sangha migrated from the north to south under whose leadership?
    Ans: Bhadrabahu
  • Which literary source gives some information of value about the trade between the north and the south in the age of the early Maurayan Empire?
    Ans: Arthasashtra
  • Who has given the account of the rule of the Pandyan kingdom by Pandala a daughter of Herakles ?
    Ans: Megasthenes
  • In which rock edicts of Ashoka the kingdom of south India together with Ceylon are mentioned?
    Ans: Second Rock edicts and thirteenth rock edicts.
  • Which rock-edicts include the names of Chola, Pandya, Satiyaputra, Keralaputa and Tambapanni?
    Ans: IInd Rock edict
  • When Kalinga did was conquered by Ashoka?
    Ans: 260 BC
  • Which edicts of Ashoka prove the inclusion within the Mauryan Empire of the north-west as well as the north-east of the Deccan?
    Ans: Sopara
  • Which source mentions that the mission had been send after the third Buddhist council at Pataliputra for the propagation of the Dhamma in different countries?
    Ans: Mahavamsa
  • From which places in farther south Ashokan inscription have been found?
    Ans: Raichur,Chitaldurg and Kurnool
  • Which of the following ancient place is now known as Kanakgiri?
    Ans: Suvarnagiri.
  • Antamahamatras were incharge of what work?
    Ans: Defence and missionary work among people.
  • Which inscription mentions a league of Tamil states that was 113 years old at the date of the inscription and had been for some time a source of danger to the Kalinga kingdom?
    Ans: Hathigumpha
  • Which poet mentions that the Kosar started operations against their foes and gained success against many of them?
    Ans: Mamulanar.
  • The most important records which have a dedication to Jain ascetics by a Chera prince come from which place?
    Ans: Arnattarmalai
  • Which language is employed in the script of Damili records?
    Ans: Tamil
  • The language employed in the script of Damili records was Tamil but at which place it is in Prakrit?
    Ans: Arikkamedu
  • A Pallava inscription of the 9th century AD mentions which earliest ruler of Kanchipuram ?
    Ans: Ashokavarman
  • Which dynasty is identical with the Andhras of Andhrabhrityas in the Puranic lists of the Kings?
    Ans: Kushan dynasty
  • Who mentions that the Andhra territory in the eastern Deccan as including thirty walled towns, besides numerous villages and as maintaining an army of 100,000 infantry,2000 cavalry and 1000 elephants?
    Ans: Pliny
  • How many kings have been mentioned in the dynasty of Satvahanas according to Puranas?
    Ans: 30
  • The names of the earliest kings in the Puranic list figure also on inscriptions and on coins are found at which places in Deccan?
    Nasik,Karle and Naneghat
  • About which Satvahana king Kharavela of Kalinga states clearly that the territory of that Satvahana king lay to the west of his kingdom?
    Ans: Satakarni
  • Who was the first king of Satvahanas?
    Ans: Simuk
  • Nasik inscription was associated with which Satvahana king?
    Ans: Kanha
  • Which accounts states that Simuka grew wicked and dethroned and killed?
    Ans: Jaina
  • Whose figure was sculptured in rilievo at Naneghat along with the figures of his father Simuka,Queen Naganika a maharathi and three princess?
    Ans: Sri Satakarni I
  • Which source mentions victory of the Sungas over the Andhras?
    Ans: Malavikagnimitra
  • Who is described in the inscription of his queen as the lord of Dakshinapatha?
    Ans: Satakarni I
  • Which king of Satvahana enjoyed the longest reign 56 years and wrested Malwa from the Sungas?
    Ans: Satakarni III
  • Who was the famous Satvahana king whom Kharavela of Kalinga defied in the second year of his reign by sending a large army of horse, elephant, foot soldiers and chariots to the west?
    Ans: Satakarni II
  • Which king has compiled the famous literature Sattasai?
    Ans: Hala
  • In which language the Saptasati has been written?
    Ans: Prakrit
  • Which Gupta ruler destroyed the Saka power in the west?
    Ans: Chandragupta II
  • Bhumaka and Nahapana were famous rulers of which satrap?
    Ans: Western satrap
  • Which was the capital of Natrapana?
    Ans: Minnagara
  • Which Satvahana ruler described as the destroyer of the Shakas Pahlavas and Yavasas?
    Ans: Gautamiputra Satakarni
  • Which ruler of Satvahanas overthrew Nahapana and minted his silver coins again?
    Ans: Gautamiputra Satkarni
  • Coins of Pulumayi II are found in which districts?
    Ans: Godavari,Guntur and Cuddalore
  • Which Shaka king defeated the Satvahana ruler twice and took Aparanta and Anupa from him?
    Ans: Rudradaman
  • Which Satvahana ruler coin bears the figure of a ship stating that his power was not confined to the land?
    Ans: Yajnasri
  • Which writer names several ports in Maisolia the regions between the deltas of Godavari and Krishna? Ans: Ptolemy.
  • In western Deccan which one was the most important port?
    Ans: Barygaza
  • What was the religion of most of the Satvahana rulers?
    Ans: Brahmanism
  • Hala’s saptasati opens with invocation of which god?
    Ans: Shiva
  • Which Satvahana ruler was a great supporter of the Brahmins and tried to emulate the epic heroes Rama,Krishna and Arjuna?
    Ans: Gautamiputra Satakarni
  • In which text temples to Gauri and also the vrata of fire and water are mentioned?
    Ans: Saptasati
  • Who founded the Abhiras dynasty?
    Ans: Isvarasena
  • When Kalachuri or Chedi era started?
    Ans: 248-49 AD
  • Which Indo-Greek king offered an elephant scalp to Nandivarman II on the occasion of his being chosen for the throne?
    Ans: Demetrius
  • Which dynasty declared its devotion to Kadamba tree?
    Ans: Kadamba
  • Which Pallava king belonged to Bharadvaja gotra and also performed the agnistoma,vajpeya and asvamedha sacrifices and bore the title of Supreme king of kings devoted to dharma?
    Ans: Skandavarman

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